BCRL Porthcawl Handicap League

Janet Ollivier

BCRL Porthcawl Handicap League

What an amazing start to the Handicap Season….. 6 x fantastic events hosted by the Bridgend Clubs and amazing efforts by all those who participated in any, or all, of the races in the First Part of the 2018 Handicap Season.

So, how are we looking ?  Firstly, let’s take a look at the last Race at Rest Bay (Tuska) which gave us the following top 5 Women :

Janet Ollivier 12:06 50
Leah Griffiths 12:08 49
Susan Roberts 12:18 48
Lindsey Kale 12:27 46
Marny Mainwaring 12:28 45

Janet Ollivier just managing to beat Leah Griffiths to the top spot with an outstanding handicap time of 12min 6 Seconds. Well Done to all the Ladies !!!


In the Mens Race, we had the following top 5 Winners:

Nicky Middleton 12:20 47
Stephane Ollivier 12:47 43
Steve Picton 13:02 41
Mark James 13:06 40
Rhodri Thomas 13:11 38

Nicky Middleton

Nicky Middleton smashing the Top Spot, and unfortunately knocking the other half of the Ollivier partnership into second place.


So, now we are halfway through the Handicap League and things are close at the top.  There have been some amazing results from a couple of members, some of whom, have been in the top 5 after nearly every run.


How do these scores influence the Table after the first half of the Handicap League ?


Well, believe it or not, the first 5 places are all taken up by our winning ladies:

1 Rachel Hopley 4 0   46 49 49   144
2 Susan Roberts 4   47 37 0   48 132
3 Janet Davies ALL 0 0 45 0 50 35 130
4 Romana Maine 5   48 31 0 46 0 125
5/6 Juliet Picton ALL 43 0 44 0 37 124


And where does that leave the Guys ?

5/6  Jeff Thomas 4 0 27   50 47   124
7   Robert Slaughter 5 44 0 43 0 35   122
8   Joe Mainwaring 5 49 0 25 0 47   121
9   Steve Picton ALL 0 34 0 45 0 41 120
14  Barry James ALL 0 37 0 0 44 35 116


So, well done to all participants for some excellent First Half running.  Please remember, this still leaves the table wide open with the introduction of the next 6 x races hosted by West Glam;  the first race is being held at Lllandmadoc on Sunday 23rd September.

Many people have raised concerns about running Cross Country;  but Please be aware that most of the courses in the West Glam Series are much easier than “Beast of Blackmill” and “Kenfig Sands”.   This series is more a Multi-Terrain Trail Series than a Cross Country Series !

Take a look at these Reviews:

“West Glam courses are so easy, last time I run Llanmadoc, I ran it with a cup of tea in my hand”  –  Debs Goule 2017

“Llanmadoc Course – the most Pancake Flat Course I’ve ever run-  bring out the Maple Syrup”   – Steve Picton 2017

“I find the West Glam courses so much fun, I have now started running them on one leg”Rob Bennet – 2018

“Not sure what all this fuss is about- bit of grass here and a bit of sand there  – I walk most of it anyway – I just go for the social afterwards  ”Anonymous


BCRL Week 6 – Total Handicap Points

BCRL – Week 5 – Total Handicap Points

A Massive Well done to Rachel Hopley who is smashing the Handicap League with 144 Points – only 6 x points away from a “full house”.  Also well done to Jeff Thomas who steals the Male Group spot from Robert Slaughter.




Top 5 Ladies

  1. Rachel Hopley
  2. Romana Maine
  3. Juliet Picton
  4. Hannah Bowen
  5. Janet Davies
Top 5 Men

  1. Jeff Thomas
  2. Robert Slaughter
  3. Joe Mainwearing
  4. Andrew Davies
  5. Julian Straker-Jones
BCRL Week 5 – Total Handicap Points


Newbridge Field Results – BCRL Week 5

NewBridge Field Results BCRL Race – Week 5

A Massive Well Done to Janet Davies (1st Overall and 1st Female) and Gareth Mole (1st Male) as the Newbridge Fields BCRL Handicap Winners

Some fantastic individual performances with and improvements being shown in all age categories.

First 5 Women

  • Janet Davies
  • Rachel Hopley
  • Romana Maine
  • Emily James
  • Hannah Bowen
First 5 Men

  • Gareth Mole
  • Joe Mainwearing
  • Jeff Thomas
  • Barry James
  • Rhodri Thomas
BCRL Week 5 – Newbridge Field Results


Total Handicap Points after 4 x BCRL Races

Juliet Picton

Table as it stands after 4 x weeks –  There’s now an even 50/50 split in the Top 10 between men and Women !

Well Done to Juliet Picton  (1st Female) and Robert Slaughter (1st Place Male for the Second Week in a Row – Well Done Rob)



Juliet Picton Rob Slaughter

Top 5 Ladies

  1. Juliet Picton
  2. Susan Roberts
  3. Rachel Hopley
  4. Karen Phillips
  5. Debra Jones
Top 5 Men

  1. Robert Slaughter
  2. Andrew Davies
  3. Steve Picton
  4. Julian Straker-Jones
  5. Jeff Thomas
BCRL Week 4 – Total Handicap Points


Total Handicap Points after 3 x BCRL Races

Table as it stands after 2 x weeks – the LADIES are STILL SMASHING the Leaderboard with 7 out of the top 10 Spots STILL being Females.

Well Done to Debra Jones  (1st Female) and Robert Slaughter (1st Male)

Debra Jones - Porthcawl Running Club 2018 Robert Slaughter - Porthcawl Running Club 2018
Top 5 Ladies

  1. Debra Jones
  2. Juliet Picton
  3. Lindsay Ford
  4. Vivienne Gush
  5. Louise Mordue
Top 5 Men

  1. Robert Slaughter
  2. Andrew Davies
  3. Steve Picton
  4. Matthew Watkins
  5. Chris Jones
BCRL Week 3 – Total Handicap Points

Handicap Totals Week 2

Table as it stands after 2 x weeks – the LADIES are SMASHING the Leaderboard with 7 out of the top 10 Spots being Females.


Well Done Juliet Picton (1st Female) and Matthew Watkins (1st Male)



Top 5 Ladies

  1. Juliet Picton
  2. Louise Mordue
  3. Debra Jones
  4. Marny Mainwearing
  5. Lindsay Ford

Top 5 Males

  1. Mathew Watkins
  2. Robert Slaughter
  3. Wilfy Edwards
  4. Joe Mainwearing
  5. Steve Picton
BCRL Week 2 – Total Handicap Points




Porthcawl runners celebrate memorable year

Gareth and Mandy award


Porthcawl RunneDeb and Dave awardrs celebrated a memorable year at their AGM and awards night held at the Hi-Tide last Friday.

As well as individual recognition for some outstanding running, the club’s continued team success in both the West Glamorgan Cross Country League and the Bridgend County Running League was noted.

Both the men and women’s teams only narrowly missed out on promotion to Division One in the West Glam, while the men finished as the highest-ranked Bridgend club in the area.

Geraint Lewis was the club’s leading finisher in the West Glam individual standings in 15th while the women were led by Deb Goule, third overall and top in her F45 age category – part of a catalogue of achievements throughout the year that landed her the female club champion award.

And in the BCRL the club finished in a respectable fourth place of the seven clubs in 2017 – up from fifth of six the year before.

More notable though was their record shattering entry of 47 for the BCRL Merthyr Mawr Lane 5k event – which was also equalled at the first event on this year’s calender, the Ogmore Castle Trail, last week.

Individually Dave Bennett was out on his own for the men and it was no surprise when he also landed the male club champion award.Gareth and Mandy award

Other notable recognition on the night went to Alun Williams as most improved male while Mandy Dumagnee took home the most improved female prize.

The club’s own parkrun championship was won by Mark James and Sue Thomas respectively.

The chairman’s award went to Kerry Dare-Edwards while the Runners’ runner of the year was Louise Mordue.

Clubman of the year was Steve Picton while Lindsey Kale bagged the Clubwomen gong.

The presentations were preceded by the formal business of the AGM when it was decided that Alwyn Thomas would continue as treasurer while Gareth Mole and Toni Cosson also stay in their respective roles as chairman and secretary.

Club awardsMale champion: Dave Bennett; Female champion: Deb Goule; Most improved male: Alun Williams; Most improved female: Mandy Dumagnee; Parkrun male: Mark James; Parkrun female: Sue Thomas; Chairman’s award: Kerry Dare-Edwards; Runners’ runner: Louise Mordue; Clubman: Steve Picton; Clubwoman: Lindsey Kale.

West GlamCompleted all events: Deb Goule (top woman), Geraint Lewis (top man), Will Edwards.

BCRLTop three, men: Dave Bennett, Geraint Lewis, Will Edwards; Top threewomen: Romana Maine, Gabriella Booth, Deb Goule. Completed all BRCL events: Andy Breeze, Karen Phillips, Daniela Jones, Hywel Dafydd, Geraint Lewis, Romana Maine, Claire Godfrey and Rob Bennett.

Article by Carl Field