Parkrun Championship Rules

Come along and take part in the Porthcawl Runners club parkrun championship, all abilities catered for.  The more you run or volunteer, the more points you can get towards your total.  Keep them PB’s coming in and see your total growing on a regular basis.  If you are injured, you can still keep getting points by supporting park run as a volunteer.  Make sure you always have your barcode with you as a runner or volunteer.


The rules for club parkrun championship:

  • Club park runs will be held on the first Saturday of each month, unless told otherwise due to clash with larger events etc.

Scoring is as follows:

  • Club run Saturdays:
    • Running = 20 points (+5 points if you are wearing a club vest)
    • Volunteering = 20 points

All other weeks including Junior parkrun:

  • Running = 10 points
  • Volunteering = 10 points
  • If you achieve a PB on park run on any week, you will get +25 points, no need to hold back for club runs.
  • If you don’t have your barcode and an official time associated to your name, then its 0 points for that run.
  • All members taking part must have “Porthcawl Runners” set as their club on their park run profile details. If we can’t find you, you don’t get the points.
  • Scores for the championship will be updated on our website on a regular basis.


What does this all mean?

We are changing the way points are allocated, so everyone is running against themselves. The same points are awarded for everyone taking part including volunteering. This will make the championship fair to all levels, as the only way you are going to get more points than everyone else is by taking part in running and volunteering on a regular basis. If you work hard and get regular PB’s you will get plenty of bonus points.

You also get points for non-club run weeks, so with regular attendance you can rack up them points quickly.


Be safe, have fun and we look forwards to seeing you all there.