Lindsey, Al and Wilfy’s Wednesdays Training sessions

Training sessions

Wednesdays are designed to be a speed training program designed to improve your speed endurance.

These sessions are not for athletes recovering from injury. You will likely take longer to recover if you rush back into these sessions. There will always be some runners going for a jog instead. Go easy on an injury.

You may wonder why you can run fast for short periods but find it difficult to sustain a fast pace in a race. As well as overall weight, diet and physical conditioning; (cross training with yoga, pilates, cycling and swimming among others may improve physical conditioning); speed endurance sessions help you to sustain race pace. This is ideally at your approximate target 5k pace (VO2 max pace). This should be the pace where talking gets difficult and you are aware of your breathing more, but not gasping for breath.

Lindsey, Al and Will are working together to vary this and mix it up during the coming months, so that is more of a fun session. As a small club we will try and join the groups together.

Where possible we will try and give you a heads up of what to expect on a Wednesday evening.